Virtual Consultation (Telehealth) $60.00/hour

This is a video consult. It is Similar to Skype and Facetime, but done using HIPAA compliant video via Google Meet. You can schedule as much or as little time as you choose. I can visually check your latch, give positioning and latch on suggestions, refer out to a specialist if needed, and create your plan which you are happy with and feel will help you reach your infant feeding goals. This is not a comprehensive list of the services which can be done via video consults. This can be used in place of a follow up visit if costs are a concern and the situation permits. This type of consultation typically lasts from 1-2 hours and is dependent on the support needed by you and your baby.

Initial Consultation $ 120.00

Typically lasts 2-3 hours. I take a full history, take time to listen to your current worries, problems, and answer questions about feeding your baby. I will sit through at least 2 full feeds. Prior to my leaving you will have a plan you are comfortable with to help you meet your feeding goals. Included also is up to 10 phone calls lasting up to an hour each as well as unlimited email follow-up for a full month following your consultation. This can occur while still in the hospital, or in your own home.

Telephone Mini-Consultation $15.00/10 minutes

Need a quick question or concern addressed, but don't need a full consultation? This is the perfect option for you. Not sure of the amount of time needed? Simply book one, 10 minute increment and we can adjust based on your need during the call.

Follow-up Consultation 75.00

This is a follow-up to an initial consultation where continuing support is needed in your home for more complex issues. We will continue to work on your plan given during the initial consultation and make any changes to that plan based on need.

Subscription to email, phone, and text 75.00

This gives you email, phone, and text support for six months. This is great for families who don't need an in person consultation or a virtual consultation. This is perfect for those looking for continuous long term support for questions and concerns as their nursing journey progresses. All methods of communication are done using secure methods.

Location of services

All services (besides phone support, and hospital visits) are done in your home or place of choice.


Is due at time of booking. If you have one of the following insurances, BCBS PPO, Anthem BCBS PPO, Cigna PPO, or United PPO for in person consultations; BCBS PPO and Cigna PPO for virtual consultations, please go to the contact tab and visit the link to submit your insurance information. If you do not have one of the insurance companies listed, you must pay out of pocket when booking your appointment and get reimbursed via your insurance. I will provide a superbill to submit to your insurance after our visit has been completed.

Prenatal, Hospital, Postpartum Package $350.00

This package includes a 1 hour prenatal session, a 2-3 hour hospital visit right after you have you baby, and a 2-3 hour home visit after you bring your baby home. The prenatal session will help us get to know each other and learn what your feeding goals are. In both the hospital visit and home visit I will sit through 2 full feeds, assess how breastfeeding has been going, and if you are having any difficulties will come up with a plan which you are comfortable with prior to our session ending. Please know I am on call for you during the last month of your pregnancy to make sure I am able to visit you during your hospital stay or right after you give birth in your home. Hospital policy may vary for visiting hours so please check this prior to requesting your visit. You also get 5 phone calls each lasting up to one hour in length in this package.

Forms of Payment Accepted

All major credit cards upon booking.

Scheduling of Appointments/Request for Services

Must be done via phone or the schedule contact section/schedule appointment section of this web site for privacy reasons. I am aware that some issues are urgent and may need a same day home visit. This can be provided. Please contact me via email for time sensitive matters.

Breastfeeding Class $50.00/2 hours

This class will be catered to your needs; Whether you are a new parent and needing a very thorough class, or a parent who has done this before but needs a refresher. Classes can range from 2-5 hours depending on budget and what you are looking to have presented. You can have up to 4 other parent/caregiver pairs attend. This allows you to split the cost of the class.

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