As a mother of three girls, all who have been breastfed to various ages, I know firsthand about the challenges and rewards of breastfeeding. I have been a working mother who has needed to pump after just six weeks of age with my oldest, and also a stay at home mom with my youngest. 

I always tell people this profession fell on me when I had my oldest in 2011. I wasn't sure when I had her if I would even breastfeed; no one in my family had done it. Once I latched and got over some initial first struggles, I realized how passionate and driven I was to help other moms with those same struggles. When I had my second I became involved in La Leche League. About a year and a half after my first meeting I became a Leader. By that point I knew I had learned my professional calling. I became a WIC peer counselor, and about a year later an IBCLC. I love what I do! Helping other families reach their feeding goals is the biggest payback for me. Hearing parents thank me for being there as a listening ear and talking them through some of the hardest decisions as a parent they have ever made, to continue giving their babies human milk, is so incredibly fulfilling to me. 

I hope to become part of your village in raising your baby. I hope to give you the tools and information to make the decision on your own, as well as help guide you, if you desire. Whatever your goals are for feeding your child any amount of human milk I am here to help you meet those goals.

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Heather Gansky


Fort Mill, SC

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